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PedAlma Women’s Challenge is a project that aims to promote and facilitate female practice and participation in ultracycling and bikepacking.


After several years organizing ultracycling events, we have detected that many women who practice cycling have not decided to take the last step and try an ultracycling event.

This indecision is often caused by a lack of confidence in new and unknown situations.

Doubts about physical preparation, mental preparation, or decisions about the gear or how to deal with certain situations during the event are what stop you from taking the step.

Pedalma Women’s Challenge wants to provide answers to these questions and accompany women in the preparation for these events.


Initially, we will hold a Kick-off presentation and Gravel Social Ride in Girona, open to all women who want to learn about the project.

The women who participate in the PedAlma Women’s Challenge will be accompanied throughout the preparation for Madrid to Barcelona and/or for The Capitals.

You will be able to access the internal Online Presentation: Where you will meet the rest of the participants, know about the project and training plans.

Participating you will have a specific Training Plan and you will have access to the PWC private WhatsApp group where you can answer questions and interact with the rest of the participants and with the trainer Laura Gallardo @laucyclecoach.

We will also organize a stage weekend, with Gravel bike (The PedAlma Women’s Weekend) to share and put into practice all the learning while we enjoy nature on the bike.


Laura Gallardo (@laucyclecoach)

Laura Gallardo is passionate about ultradistance, she has extensive experience having participated in various ultradistance events and has a lot of experience as a trainning coach

She will be in charge of leading the PedAlma Women’s Challenge and the PedAlma Women’s Weekend.


Cycling, disconnection, community, healthy food and knowledges

📅 April 12-13-14 . Gravel.

  • Training and workshops: Navigation, Nutrition, training, mechanics, set-up.
  • Group guided routes with accompaniment and supplies on the way.
  • Organic and healthy food.
  • Other activities, community and time shared with other women cyclists.

📍​ La Bruguera de Púbol (Girona) (+info)


Laura was participating in chapter 81 of the Construyendo Ultraciclismo Podcast where she talked, among other things, about the PedAlma Women’s Challenge project. Listen to it if you want to know more about Laura and the Project. (Available only in Spanish)



Madrid to Barcelona Women’s Challenge: REGISTRATION HERE

The Capitals Women’s Challenge: REGISTRATION HERE

PedAlma Women’s Weekend Gravel (Girona): REGISTRATION HERE


Madrid to Barcelona Women’s Challenge

Participate in the Madrid to Barcelona 2024 event accompanied by other participants and advised by @laucyclecoach with training planning and resolution of your doubts with the rest of the members.

The Capitals Women’s Challenge

Participate in the The Capitals 2024 event accompanied by other participants and advised by @laucyclecoach with training planning and resolution of your doubts with the rest of the members.

PedAlma Women’s Weekend Gravel (Girona)

Enjoy a weekend with other women who also want to enjoy gravel cycling. Guided and accompanied tours, workshops and talks so that you can prepare yourself in the best possible way. LIMITED SLOTS


04/12/2023 At 20h UTC+1 Registrations Opens

28/01/2024 Kick Off & Gravel Social Ride (Girona): General presentation, information about the trainning plans, sponsors presentations. +INFO HERE

29/01/2024 Training plans by @laucyclecoach starting date

12-14/04/2024 PedAlma Women’s Weekend [GRAVEL] (Girona)

31/06/2024 – 02/06/2024 Participation at Madrid to Barcelona 2024

21-26/07/2024 Participation at The Capitals 2024


Madrid to Barcelona / The Capitals Women’s Challenge

  • Registration to participate at the event Madrid to Barcelona (Road) o The Capitals (Gravel)
  • Traininng Plan for Madrid to Barcleona (road) or The Capitals (gravel)
  • Private and exclusive Whatsapp group for the girls of the PWC with the logistics and technical support by @laucyclecoach to prepare the events
  • Participation at the initial Kick Off about the project presentation and first contact with the other women participating at the project
  • Direct discount for the PedAlma Women’s Weekend
  • Priority for the registration at the PedAlma Women’s Weekend

PedAlma Women’s Weekend [Gravel] Girona (LIMITED SLOTS)

  • Welcome Pack with products of the sponsors
  • 2 nights full-board included at a rural private lodge for the group
  • Meals: done with fresh and ecological raw products
  • Presentation and training talk (Friday evening)
  • 2 planed and guided group routes (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Media content to have a nice memories of the weekend
  • Discount at for the new registrations for the events Madrid to Barcelona and The Capitals 2024


Pedalma Women’s Challenge

Two price phases:

  1. From 01-10-23 at 29-02-2024
  2. From 01-03-24 up to the participants limit


  • Madrid to Barcelona Women’s Challenge: 230€ / 250€
  • The Capitals Women’s Challenge: 250€ / 270€

Pedalma Women’s Weekend

  • PedAlma Women’s Weekend [Gravel](Girona): 295€


No. Pedalma Women’s Challenge It is the name of the big project to promote ultracycling among women. The PedAlma Women’s Weekend is a weekend stage, about cycling and learning about ultracycling.

Yes, the Pedalma Women’s Weekend is an activity open to all those women who want to pedal and enrich their cycling knowledge in a group.

  • Exclusive WhatsApp group with the rest of the participating women and led by Laura (@laucyclecoach) to resolve doubts of any kind.
  • Access to training plan made by Laura.
  • You will have a discount to come to Pedalma Women’s weekend and preferential places reserved.